Zinc Chronicles



Following the murder of their legal guardian, two best friends suffer the thing they fear most, separation.

Solenum and Calycanthus must each take daring paths to find their way back to one another, and as they do so, they will uncover the secrets their land has been hiding beneath a carefully constructed facade for centuries.

An underground war is taking place, kept hidden from the public eye by those called the Altors and Regius. Although unaware at first of what their involvement brings to the people of Zinc, Calycanthus’ close proximity to the Altors allows him to uncover parts of the truth, creating an important turning point that may just be the kick the Altors need to beat the Regius. But it is Solenum who will find the possible key that can lead to a peaceful future.

Is Galax an exception to the rule that says all Regius are cruel? Will Solenum be able to show him that he may just be the example everyone needs in order to end the hidden turmoil? Meanwhile, can Calycanthus figure out the intentions of the mysterious man named Datura?

New friendships are made and love is found as the two best friends work hard on finding their way back to one another throughout a world they’d always lived in, but was a mystery up until now.



Held prisoner among the Regius, Solenum learns that not all of them are willing to help Xania Reinhardt obtain the royal mark and become the one and true king of Zinc. Meeting some of the quirkiest people yet, Solenum discovers some conspire against the Steward while going to great lengths to keep her alive.

After Solenum’s disappearance, Galax runs away from his home, breaking all the rules, with the intent of finding the one Seer he knows may be able to help him find her; Vervaine. But it will not be easy to get to the Meadows of Serenium when the entire Pallium society and Altor army are hunting him down, unless he can find an ally.

Is Calycanthus strong enough to face the dangers that lie ahead and save Solenum from the Regius dungeons? Can he count on the support of Datura, or has the Death Speaker been left with irreparable damage after the attack of the Regius tracker?

Meanwhile, in quiet Lithium Village, Delph befriends someone unexpected and ends up traveling to Cobalt City where they accidentally run into a Ranger who reveals a little too much about the underground war. As Delph learns what has been kept from him, he is determined to reveal the truth to each and every Civilian in Zinc. But first, he wants to make the Altors pay.




While Solenum and Calycanthus are trapped in Immortalis Silva, Zinc continues to move forward.The Civilians band together with the Rangers, planning a revolution to take back the freedom the Altors owe them. But the proud guardians have bigger things to worry about. Control over the Regius troops has been lost. Palliums and Altors suffer as the death of Sage releases the rage of the Blue Blood soldiers. With her gone, the Altors begin to lose their footing with the amount of attacks launched against them.

The false King Xania finds himself battling against those Regius who will not give him their loyalty. They hold out hope that the true heir, Galax, will replace the Steward. However, Galax’s condition worsens every day and without Solenum, he cannot live.

The souls chip away at Datura with every dark act committed and he is losing so much of himself that redemption may not even be a possibility. And of all the pivotal figures predicted to play an important role in the battle for Zinc’s peace, Mallow will fail if she cannot find a cure to the insanity of the Seer.

And what of this Nola? Can Solenum and Calycanthus trust the ancient man which controls the labyrinth of Immortalis Silva? Or will his actions result in the destruction of their world?


The Keeper

Although Solenum saves Galax from death due to the light phenomenon, he is forced to leave her side in order to get to safety. With Xania gone, the Regius have declared war and terror upon all of Zinc, including their own kind who refuse to bow down to the new hierarchy.

Delph quickly realizes his mission of justice for the Civilians will have to wait, while Maya finds herself running from the Regius with the most unlikely of people.

Calycanthus and Solenum must harness the power of the Seers and find a way to restore the balance, ending the war with Mallow and Vervaine’s help. Galax fears for Zinc’s future. He bands together with Palliums, Altors, Civilians and even Regius to start Zinc on the path of peace. When they think they see the light, Zinc’s darkest hours approach.

Day turns to night and the sky is washed away with a ruby gradient. The souls carefully locked away from the living in the Valley of Death have found a way to roam free. Past problems become trivial as everyone in Zinc is now forced to stand together and watch as The Keeper of the Dead takes over their world.


Where to find the books

Smashwords – Ebooks only

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Barnes & Noble – Ebook and Print

Amazon/Kindle – You might have to search for them by name through the amazon search engine, or type in “Zinc” to make them appear as the amazon search seems inconsistent – Ebook and Print

Createspace – You will find a link navigating to the next book underneath the cover image – Print only

Goodreads – No copies available through here, but links are provided to where you can find the book and of course, you’ll be able to add them to your library!


The Author

Name: Nastasia Peters aka Nas aka ssst

Born: 14th February 1989, the Netherlands (Dutch father, French mother) – moved to France at age 14, currently lives in the UK

Occupation: Graphic media reviewer by day, Illustrator the rest of the day, Writer at night

Random info: Semi-Insomniac – terrified of guns yet has no problem making her characters wield them (or get shot by them) – laughed manically just to try it once when telling her editor that she was changing the ending to Zinc again (Update: final, true ending is written!)


The Editor

Name: Amber Godfrey – Gets a kick out of being called AmberGod

Born: 7th of December 1984, Nevada, currently resides in Montana

Occupation: Full time supermom/wife, Editor, Writer, College student and works on the side

Random info: Is really good at imitating creepy fangirls – is more protective of Delph Riddle than the author – Hates Ivy Neumann’s guts – wears a lot of beanies – actually says ‘die, die, die!’ when playing fighting games – Had Christopher Paolini tell her her shirt was awesome

Amber is currently available for freelance editing –  feel free to contact her via Email: amber.godfrey@rocky.edu.

Many thanks to proofreaders Paul, Hilary and Kristina! 

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