Challenge Pot

challengepotThe challenge pot is something I decided to do to push my limits a little bit. By picking a random word from the pot regularly I get to draw stuff I might not practice normally. I created a list of a bunch of different landscapes, architecture, spices, fruits, vegetables, random words, fairy tale villains and heroes, mythological creatures and other such things – then I printed them out, cut them into individual pieces, folded them up and put them in a pot.

If something is easy for me to do, I will pick a color palette or a specific program to restrict myself a bit more and make it more challenging.

Hopefully I will keep going till the pot is empty (I put way too many in there, so it might take a long while)!

Words so far: Cherry Blossom, Dunes, Cottage, Liqourice, Bug’s perspective, Blueberry, Sleeping Beauty, Gryphons, Mermaid, Tea, Kraken, Angel, Water Melon, Kiwi, Dragon Fruit, Website, Library (this one isn’t an actual drawing, it’s me re-doing the layout of my website)…






Parabox Library Fruit Dragons Take It All Away Kraken_web Tea House mermaid gryphons Aurora Blueberry Bug's Perspective Liquorice Cottage Dunes Cherry Blossom

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