I’m Nastasia Peters (aka ssst aka Nas), I was born on the 14th of February, 1989. I’m half French and half Dutch. I write stories and have been drawing since the year 2004. My plan of attack consists of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but if needed, when human anatomy or architectural perspective tries to kick my ass, I use Poser to create references!

I work for a Graphic Media Marketplace. I have written Fantasy Chronicles. Based on this chronicles, I am currently in the works of creating a webcomic called, Bloodlines


My computer is of the dinosaur age, yet sounds like a plane landing back on ground whilst running.Correction: I got a brand new PC laptop that is so quiet, it’s unsettling! Correction 2: It’s no longer that quiet, really…Correction 3: It totally died. The noise it was making was the beginning of the end. Got a desktop now though!

I am currently living in Brittany, France, but plan on moving to the UK very soon.  I’ve moved to England!

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You can now find me on Patreon as well!


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